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Situation in Italy

Situation in Italy

Dear colleagues,

First and foremost, I hope that each of you is doing well and safe with your loved ones and that you continue to look, like us, to the future in an optimistic and constructive way.

In this regard, I would like to update you on the initiatives that TUO Travel is carrying out.

Even in smart-working mode, we are constantly monitoring the situation that is affecting the whole world due to the spread of CoronaVirus (COVID-19), and we inform you that with the new Legislative Decree issued a few days ago the quarantine (lockdown) in Italy has been extended by our Government until 03 May 2020.

To date, following to the implications caused by the spread of CoronaVirus in Italy and in the world, while we continue to think positive, we do not believe that there will be certain developments in a very short time that will allow to return to welcome and serve your customers, and it is for this reason that TUO Travel staff, which is 100% operational, will contact you systematically to cancel or postpone reservations that we believe are not viable.

From our side we are trying to sensitize passengers to postpone their travels, however if the customer decides to cancel definitively, consequently we will cancel any reservation without proposing mandatory vouchers except in those cases in which some suppliers who have already received deposits from us force us to accept the vouchers (as it is allowed by the Government Decree of 17 March 2020). For us tourism continues to be freedom and desire to travel and we do not want to oblige people to travel by force, since due to the changed situation all over the world, they may no longer be psychologically or economically inclined to make a journey full of serenity.

We would also like to update you on the fact that, while coordinating from home during this period, by the first days of May we will present our new online booking system, which will be totally new, much more performing and more comfortable to use.

In addition, we are constantly requesting special offers and cancellation policy improvement conditions from all our most important suppliers for the summer 2020 and winter 2021 in order to support and facilitate your and our work as much as possible.

As last point, but certainly not the least important, with great pleasure we inform you that in a few days we could meet again at least “virtually” through webinars where we will present the most important Italian Regions, with its relating product offer, presented on a calendar containing the “schedule” of all events.

While hoping to return to normality and to do our beloved job as soon as possible, I take this opportunity to send you my best regards

Stefano De Cupis
General Director