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Dear colleagues,

First of all, I hope you spent the holidays well and started the 2021 with the best intentions.

We did not stop, on the contrary, following to the recent launch of our new online booking system even more performant and faster than before, and that has let us become leader in offering more online integrated prestigious hotel chains, we are ready to inaugurate two new destinations that will increase our already vast luxury product.

We have decided to invest resources in destinations that have always been an exclusive target to the upscale clientele: Switzerland and the French Riviera.

Starting from today you can find on our online booking system a first selection of important hotels both for the major Swiss cities, including the very popular Chenot Palace Weggis, and for the French Riviera where I would like to underline the important collaboration with the Fairmont of Montecarlo.

Hoping to see you soon, I send you a warm “virtual” hug.

Stefano De Cupis,
General Director