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Culinary master class with a chef – Michelin star holder

Is it time to improve your culinary skills or discover new ones?! During exclusive master classes led by the starred chef, guests will be able to learn about the techniques of eminent chefs, culinary ideas and inspiration, the attractiveness of high-level cuisine. How to organize a professional kitchen? Which techniques are used to create a unique and creative menu? How to combine contrasting aromas? Guests will get aquainted with all this during a cooking lesson. In the end they will enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner by tasting the prepared dishes.

Exclusive master class with a professional sommelier

An expert sommelier will tell the story of wine production, as well as about winemaking in the modern world. You will be tought how to read any wine label and correctly describe the wine. In addition, you will learn which recommendations to follow when buying, in order to purchase a noble drink of good quality, the rules for storing wines, and what to consider when creating private collections. You will learn about the leading Italian producers and learn to distinguish wines from the north of Italy from those from the south, as well as taste them.

Visiting Esquilino Market and Cooking Class

The culinary experience will begin with a visit to the Esquilino market, shopping and tasting products for cooking. Next, the chef will hold a master class preparing 3 dishes (water and wine are included in the price).  At the end of the experience, guests will receive an apron and a cap as a gift, a certificate of completion of the master class and recipes in English. Duration: 4 hours.

Mosaic workshop

Guests will visit the workshop for the production of mosaics and get acquainted with the bases of mosaic art and the creation of traditional decor. In the presence of a master artist, guests will create a mosaic of polychrome marble measuring 20 x 20 cm, which they can pick up the next day (as soon as the material hardens). The workshop will provide all the tools for making mosaics and already cut tiles. Duration: 2 hours.

Neapolitan Pizza master class in Sorrento

You will have the opportunity to cook, with the help of a professional pizzaiolo in Sorrento, an authentic Neapolitan pizza: Campania’s most famous delicacy. Guests will be offered a welcome cocktail. The chef will present an apron and a ca, while telling some cooking secrets, thanks to which visitors will prepare a special dough and filling, and then bake and taste pizza, enjoying a magnificent view of the Gulf of Naples.

Master class on creating Venetian masks

The creation of the Venetian mask takes place in one of the authentic workshops where traditions and ancient techniques are preserved. Under the guidance of the master, guests will experience the magical world of masks, a tradition going back to the distant XIII century. You will create a unique work of art that you can bring home as a souvenir.