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Unrivaled Designers of

Excellent Experiences

For particularly sophisticated guests, we offer original routes to each secluded corner of the country, as well as exciting and unusual programs or excursions, culinary courses of the Italian cuisine, visits to creative workshops, private Italian cheese making factories and wine estates.

  • Art Experiences

    Art Experiences

    Art as you have never seen it. Exclusive after-hour openings, private events and guides of excellence.

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  • Gastronomic Experiences

    Gastronomic Experiences

    Ideal for the food lovers! Italian cuisine is recognized as one of the most popular in the world.

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  • Masterclass Experiences

    Masterclass Experiences

    Exciting unusual courses and an incredible opportunity of learning and inspiration.

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  • Romantic Experiences

    Romantic Experiences

    The ability to design the perfect moments that will remain unforgettable.

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  • Wine & Drink Experiences

    Wine & Drink Experiences

    A collection of unique territories where to visit famous vineyards and taste its most excellent wines.

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  • Ride Experiences

    Ride Experiences

    Listen to the most famous Italian engines in the world roaring under your seat, or the saddle.

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  • Air Experiences

    Air Experiences

    See the world from above onboard of helicopters, balloons and airplanes driven by authorized pilots.

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  • Water Experiences

    Water Experiences

    An immersion into luxurious atmosphere and unforgettable impressions cradled by the waters.

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  • Extreme Experiences

    Extreme Experiences

    Undiscovered routes, unusual programs and excursions into the wilderness of the country, at any cost.

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